Women Journalists and Other Dangerous Things

On the eve of Women’s Day, the Croatian Journalists’ Union will remind you of the poorer position of women in society, as well as in journalism, through the “Women Journalists and Other Dangerous Things” campaign .

On average, men earn HRK 13,572 more than women, or HRK 1.68 more in gross wages.  Women represent 39% of the global workforce, but only 27% are in management positions.
Research conducted by prof. Victoria Car on the representation of women in television news in Croatia has shown that women are only 8% represented in television news. This finding is particularly interesting in the context where journalism is predominantly a women’s profession. Women are regularly presented in the context of topics on health, beauty, show-business, cooking, fashion and childcare, while in politics, economics, law and judiciary or foreign policy they are underrepresented.
2/3 of women have experienced some form of online abuse or harassment at least once. Women receive, on average, three times more abusive comments on social networks than their male counterparts.

SNH celebrates Women’s Day with the campaign “Women, Journalists and Other Dangerous Things” by recalling the above facts and announcing the fight for:
– Equal pay for equal work: we need efficient policy and legislation for narrowing the existing pay gap.

Equal representation in all program segments: both as a journalists and editors, as experts and authors
– Equal employment in different program sections:  women are not predetermined for programs on culture, education or children, and news or politics are not predefined for men
– Equal representation in editorial and management positions, and an efficient mechanism to ensure the possibility of equal advancement (even where salaries are equal, men often advance faster than women)
– Equal representation within the program: promoting the issue of women’s rights as an extremely important topic
– Constant awareness in program units so that gender stereotypes are not promoted in any form
– Removing sexist elements from program units, especially from advertising messages
– Constant work on awareness raising and promoting diversity
– Tackling the greater vulnerability of women journalists in field research
– Promoting continuous education of employees (regardless of gender) on women’s rights, forms of sexism, abuse and discrimination

– Promoting gender equality in the film and film series, in particular the increased representation and visibility of women as directors and producers
– Promoting equality in acting fees
– Eliminating age discrimination primarily affecting the women actors.

– Promoting equality in guild and trade union organizations, especially in the executive and governing bodies of these organizations
– Continuous work to promote the actual realization of legally defined women’s rights
–Depauperization of the journalistic profession: as soon as more women are employed in a sector and they start outnumbering male employees,  the  underpayment in the sector starts, that is, women overrepresentation  is a sign of decreasing salaries and, accordingly, the profession becomes less attractive to men

– Promoting women’s rights in sports and in the representation of sports in audiovisual programs
– Against all forms of sexism and gender discrimination in the workplace
– Promoting the idea of equal parenting
– Promoting the approach to women in the visual media that will not reduce her to an object (appearance, clothing, etc.), but to the subject in her work.
– Protecting women from sexist and gender-discriminatory messages and comments (most often anonymous) on portals and social networks
– To maximize the involvement of men in various programs addressing the issue of equality – emancipation is our common goal.

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Thank you to Dalibor Talajic who gave his support to the development of the visuals. Fighting is common.




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