Message of solidarity of Croatian journalists to colleagues in Slovenia


The Croatian Journalists’ Association (HND) and the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists (SNH) share the concerns of colleagues from the Radio Television of Slovenia (RTV SLO) due to the Slovenian Government’s intention to significantly change media legislation in just five days of public debate that include amendments to the Law on Radio and Television of Slovenia, the Law on Media and the Law on the Press Agency.

The announced legal changes would significantly reduce funding for RTV Slovenia, which is not only a blow to the independence of the public service but also threatens its very survival because it is estimated that about 400 employees would lose their jobs, which would lead to the collapse of RTV Slovenia as a public institution of special cultural and national significance.

With the proposed amendments to the law, the right to distribute a large part of the funds would be in the hands of the Minister of Culture, and the government would have an influence on the appointment of RTV Slovenia, as well as on the appointment of STA (news agency) Management Board. We believe that such proposals of media legislation seriously endanger the survival of the public broadcasting service in Slovenia. The public service, independent and professional journalism are the guarantees of preserving the democracy of every society.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough and high-quality public debate on such important laws in the long run, in which experts, journalists and the interested public will be involved in order to pass media legislation in the general interest.

The COVID-19 pandemic reaffirmed the immense importance of the media to society as a whole. Independent, free and objective reporting is crucial for the development and preservation of democracy, and public services play an important role here. For the survival of the public service and for the full realization of its role, safe and stable financing is necessary.

HND and SNH hereby express their support and solidarity with Slovenian colleagues who oppose the adoption of such laws, which are harmful to the public broadcasting service of Slovenia.

We also express full solidarity with all colleagues in their fight to protect the program, their colleagues and the reputation of RTV Slovenia.

For Croatian Journalists’ Association
Hrvoje Zovko, president

For Trade Union of Croatian Journalists
Maja Sever, president

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