Stay at home, journalist will tell you all about the COVID-19 pandemic

In times of crisis, it is particularly clear how valuable journalism is in providing vital information to communities. Where there are emergency services, there are also journalists who report on their work and bring people information relevant to the functioning of their lives.

So it is at the time of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. While we also advise you to stay home, numerous journalists, cameramen, photojournalists, audio masters are on the field every day guided by a single, sole interest – the public’s interest for timely, accurate and fair reporting.

We are proud of all our colleagues, and in order to emphasize their commitment we asked them to send us their photos from the field. We have received numerous photos in just a few days, and we invite others to take part in this action.

And while our colleagues work diligently and subordinate their own safety and health to bring you accurate and verified information, we are working to protect labor rights. We have reported to colleagues in the European Federation of Journalists about attempts to suspend workers’ rights.

We have also proposed emergency measures to save journalism in Croatia.

As we await a specific proposal from the Ministry of Culture, we are receiving worrying information about the reduction of labor rights and salaries of journalists in certain media, announcements of termination of cooperation by part-time associates.

Therefore, we urge anyone who had these kind of experiences to report them to us because we will not allow employers to unilaterally, while our colleagues risk their own health, diminish their rights or drive them out into the street.

We know how to fight for others because we are journalists and that is our job, but we will show that we can fight for ourselves too!

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