Afghanistan: media groups call on governments to take immediate action

A group of media support organisations, including the IFJ, has called on the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC) of governments to commit and take immediate action to support Afghan media workers.

The media support organisations recommend a number of immediate actions that can be taken by the MFC to support those at risk and urge a coordinated and rapid response.

Actions should include:

1) Help journalists at risk and their families who need to get out of the country

Actions include the granting of visas, safe passage to the airport and other key routes, keep forces at the airport to secure evacuation

2) Ease funding transfer to Afghanistan

3) Insist on Afghanistan obligations towards Human Rights principles at the upcoming Special session on Afghanistan of the UN Human Rights Council (24 August)

Download the recommendations

Concerned by the new reports we receive from our colleagues from the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the Croatian Journalists’ Union reiterates its call on the Government to provide concrete assistance to media workers who are still in Afghanistan. The IFJ’s insight into the situation on the ground and the numerous requests for emergency assistance show that panic and fear reign in the Afghan media community.

They received hundreds of requests for help – either for evacuation or for help fleeing from one province to another. Most of them are women / journalists who have been prevented from working. Despite propaganda that they will not retaliate, reports say the Taliban are looking for journalists and on the doorstep, and about the threats they are exposed to. Germany’s Deutsche Welle reported that the Taliban, in search of their journalist, who is now in Germany, killed a member of her family on Wednesday and seriously injured another.

We reiterate the call for Croatia to be actively involved in the organization of the most endangered, among whom, unfortunately, are our colleagues.

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