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Dear journalists and media professionals,

it is a great privilege for me to welcome you on web pages of Trade Union of Croatian
Journalists and media professionals. The question we must ask ourselves is what is our
position as a profession and how much do we care for our own workers’ rights.

Isn’t it ironic that through our work we are warning on a lot of injustice that is happening to
workers in Croatia but in that process we are putting ourselves on the last place?

Associated union action could change that situation. I believe that if we are together in this
struggle we can fight for better working conditions of journalists and media professionals.
This is the only way for strengthening independence and the right to free reporting. A
journalist who is not afraid of losing his job can be a truly free journalist.

I would certainly like to emphasize that union association and actions are by no means
directed against the Employer. On the contrary, workers and the Employer, with the help of the union, can better define their needs, the union can be a mediator in the case of noise in the
communication between the worker and the Employer, and this union is certainly not an
archaic remnant of some past time that hinders progress and does not adapt to the challenges
of the present.

One example of successful cooperation between workers, trade unions and the Employer may
be the Collective Agreement. Today only two media outlets have it, yes, only two.

To start negotiations on the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it is necessary to have a
branch, and for a branch it is necessary to have five full-time members. Only with a sufficient
number of members can we even seek negotiations for a branch collective agreement at the
national level.

At a time when everyone with access to social networks thinks that they have the right to give
lectures to journalists how they should do their jobs, even those at the highest levels of
government, I don’t think I need to further explain how much we would protect ourselves and the dignity of our profession in this way.

Regardless of whether you join or not I do not invite you to follow the Union on social
networks. As the Union is a member of the European and World Federation of Journalists, we
have the opportunity to be educated in various fields of trade union activity, but also to the
challenges that we as a profession face, so I invite you to become active and engage in this

These are tough times. Disunited we beg, united we negotiate!

Maja Sever, SNH president

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